Workman's Club 1930s

 One of the most famous clubs in Dun Laoghaire and had the largest amount of supporters ever in the history of the area  maybe because of the fact that most adult males were members of the club,

 but their successes on the field and their style of play endearded them to many supporters .

Workmans started in 1937 until 1940 and were resurected in 1949 and continued until 2005 with a break of one year in 1968. 

Workmans Club 1939 winners of A U L Division 1 ,Bradmola Cup and Woodbine Cup

Back J McKeown, J Durnin, E Lennon,N Clarke, J Moran

2nd rowS  Murphy,  P Carroll,, J Coyle, C Connor, T ( Weeney) Murrey, F Crawley,C Kelly, J Osbourne, S Doyle, J L Brennan

3rd ,S Kelly, T Paterson, B McMullan, J(Hogger) McDonald, D Kelly, J Dunne, M McDonald, J Sharkey 

front B Mundow , P Reyonlds

 Workmans Club 1937

Back J L Brennan, S Doyle, J Osbourne, T Murrey, F Crawley,C Kelly, T Byrne, S Kelly, J Coyle

Mid J Dunne,  B Mundow J O Malley, M McDonald, C Connor

Workman's Club 1938/39 winners of Division one Athletic Union League Woodbine Cup 

Back J Coyle, C Connor, J Osburne, F Crawley, S Kelly, J Plunkett, J L Brennan,

FrontP Reyonlds, J Dunne, B McMullan, T Kelly, Chris Kelly, S Doyle

Workmans Club 1950/51 winners of the Ardiff Cup and Sunday Alliance 1st Division with supporters 

 including C Dalton, M Quinlan,M Coyle ,J Vella, J Coyle, D Lacy,P Reilly,B Merrigan J Lennon, T Byrne, J Durning., P Reilly, , Joey Connor, M Massey N Synott , O Coyle, J Tallant

Team,J Nolan, B McMullan, P Moran,D Neary,Ski Molloy, J Hughes, M McDonald, B Long, A Miller,

J ( Pudgie) Meade, B Conner 


 Leinster Junior Cup final team 1938

Back J Coyle, C Connor,  Murrey, C Kelly, F Crawley, Murphy ?,

Fr M McDonald, S Doyle, ?, J Osbourne, J O Malley, P Reyonlds

Workmans Club  Leinster Junior Cup Finalists 1938

Back ?, T Paterson, B McMullan, F Crawley S Doyle, Murphy

Front J Osbourne, C Kelly, M McDonald, C Connor, D Kelly,  

 Workmans Club Married team v Singles summer 1952

Back C Connor, R Smith, T Shelly, P Moran , W Connor  ? B Wills

Front S Brady, K Dunne, J Lennon, ? ,D Kelly,

Ardiff Cup Winners 1951

Back M Quinlan, D Lacy, J Nolan,B McMullan,P Moran, D Neary,Ski Molloy, J Hughes, M McDonald, B Long, A Miller

J Meade, B Connor

Workmans Club Selected at a charity match circa 1952

Back C Dalton,N Talbot, P Mahoney, ,D Dunne F Crawley, B Connor, P Lynch, M Quinlan, T Dwyer(Ref) 

Front A Miller, J Hughes, B McMullan, B Henderson, M.McDonald

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