1963 Athletic Union League  team winners of the F A I Junior Cup

Back ;J Hammond, B Graham, T Noctor, M Murrey, E Walsh, D O Toole, B Bell, J Anderson,

 Front;S Connor, M Pender, J Banahan, J Nolan, R Whelan, C Bishop, B Rafter


T E K B team 1963

Back. J Turner, L O Connor, T Massey, S Connor, ?, E Turner, M Power, J Anderson ,J Hammond

Front T O Keefe, N Wills, B Kinch, S Langan, P Cannon, G Power 

 T E K Team 1964

Back; L Murphy, T Massey, M Power, F gallaher, ? P Morris., S Connor, K Morris,

Fr; T Kelly, O Broghan, P Brett, P Cannon, T Conroy, ?

 T E K Circa 1950

Back ;J Coyle G Harper, Darcy, Kenny , ?,j Anderson, A Miller

Fr;R Kane, McCormack, Kavanagh,B McMullan, H Flynn, McKenna

T E K A team 1959

Back ;M Kenny, J O Connor, O Daly, V Kennedy , T Bradshaw, J Forsyth, F McHugh, B Rafter

Front; R Whelan, J Giles, S Kenny, D O Toole, K Darker

T E K  B 1959

Back; T Mullen, W Malone, J Kane, Doyle, S Connor, J Burke, J Anderson,

Front; G English, M Graham, ?, R Warren, ?, ?, ?,  

T E K UNITED 1980s

Back T McGuirk, J Mason, B Bell, L Byrne, N O Brien, R Byrne, K Wallace.

Front M Brown, P Devlin, N Mooney, B Carroll, S Smith, G Monahan. 

1962 T E K United Leinster Senior League team  Polikoff Cup Winners

back ;G Power, B Bell, D O Toole, M Murrey, E Walsh, B Graham,

Front; R Whelan, J Banahan, C Bishop, J Nolan, M Pender, T Noctor 

1970 team

Back; J Kingston, B Bell, B Carroll, F Gallaher, S Smith, P Brett, O Broghan, B Smith

Front,; L Stewart, W Fogerty, E Turner, J Hunt, B Carroll, J Lester 

 S Connor R Warren E Dignam,

Suttons  F C.  an offshoot of T E K Dairy where many of the players worked in the dairy

Back ;J Whelan , G Brown , Jim Turner,J Quinlan,  T Massey, Joey Turner.

front,; ?, ?, J Maguire, C O Toole,  E Walsh

B Team 1964

Back ;L Murphy, T Massey, M Power, F Gallaher, ?, P Morris, S Connor, K Morris,

Front;T Kelly, O Broghan, P Brett, P Cannon, T Conroy, W Fagan 

 T E K B team 1964

Back ;S Connor,M Lyons S Wheeler,S  Kavanagh,O Toole,M Power<?, J Turner,

Front ;D Taite, T Kelly, D Cromie, J McKensie, P Cannon

T E K 1975 Team

Bk; P Brett, W Fogerty, G Monahan, J Finnerty, J Mason R Byrne,  N Mooney

Fr; L Kendrick, B Carroll,M Brown, B Bell , K Mason 

T E K Over 40s team Charity Match 1995

Back; D Bacuzzi, P Brett, J Dodd, T Johnston, E Doyle, T Kinsella, P McMorrow, F Byrne,

Front; B Carroll, T Corrigan, H Samson, J Conway, B Bell 

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