St Kevins  Sallynoggin 

 Started in 1923/24 after a dispute in the local G A A team called the Stars ,when all the players started playing soccer  and they won the Sunday Alliance League division 2  in 1927.

After that they formed a juvenile team and were one of the best clubs in the area for the next thirty years .

the club remained in excistance until the mid 1950s their grounds on Rochestown Avenue were taken over by Workmans Club in 1958

St Kevins Winners of Sunday Alliance Div 2

Players include Molloy, Kennedy, Kelly, T Kavanagh, M Smith, P Kavanagh .Hogarty, Maheady, Bell, Owen, Hughes,Carton, Owen Kavanagh 

St Kevins Boys team circa 1930

Included George Dixon, Rob Lewis, P Turner, J Cullan,D Kane, T McDonald, Matt Bell, Bernard Tuite, J Seery, Willian Mundow, Nick Lewis 

This was a St Kevins team in the final of the summer tournament played  in Sallynoggin 1948

Players include J Kavanagh, P Mahoney, J Owens, J Fisher, E Kavanagh, J Byrne, J Brien, J Devitt, W Taylor, J Turner, M Fisher 

team 1950  included V Fortune M Fisher J Turner, J Fisher

St Kevins Boys circa 1939 with manager Jim Kelly included in photo are Tom Murphy

St Kevins Past players in a charity game in Sallynoggin in 1948

Players include H ( wasser) Molloy, W Bell, W Mooney, W Maloney, Sweeny Brown, P Hardy, M Smith, P Mooney, Owen Kavanagh, L Kavanagh, P Turner, P Seery, " Wasser" Molloy 

 St Kevins Present players  in charity match Sallynoggin 1948

back M Byrne (ref)?, Players include J Kelly, M Mahoney, J Kavanagh, J Smith, J Devitt, E Kavanagh, J Byrne, D Murphy, J Turner,W Hinch, T Bergin,W Taylor, 

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