St Joseph Glasthule

                  founded in 1937  and contines under the guidance of Peter O Brien and Joe Doyle  one of the oldest teams inthe Boro'

St Josephs 1937  first photo of team

players include Mahoney, Kelly, Stubbs, Moll Meigan, P Buster  Keating, Mahon, D Heffernan, Whelan, Wildes, Harris, Hayes, J Shea, F Long, F Corcoran, McDonald, Sullivan, Moore Harris Byrne Curtis

St Joseph 1953

Back S Murphy, ?, S Hughes, V Kennedy, B Barnes, S Golden, ?,

Front ?, T Lally, R Cameron,  J Hughes, P O Loughlin.

St Josephs Glasthule Under 21 team Splender Cup R/up 1951

 team includes P Maguire ,B Leslie, J Murphy, F Cullen, B Cunningham, F Devitt, J Whelan, D O Toole, T Cullen, J Redmond, R Fox, R Whelan, J Casey, J Reilly,


Minor team 1948/49

Back E Kane, R Whelan, T Casey, P Maguire, C Reilly, D Cunningham

Front Coweb, T Cullen ,J Whelan, Swan , Goggins

St Joseph Glasthule 1950

Back C Hanney

Front ?, ?, P Tallant, T Lally, G Harper 

1953 team

Back; D O Toole, R Whelan, S hughes, V Kennedy, J Kavanagh,G Harper 

Fr; P O Loughlin, R Cameron, J Hughes, T Lally, J J Mooney.

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