St. Joseph's Boys

Founded in 1953 by Rev Frank McCabe a curate in GlasthuleSt Josephs  parish where there was team of the same name and as Sallynoggin was an anniex of that parish he based his club in Sallynoggin where the played their matches , St Josephs Boys has developed into one of the leading schoolboys clubs in Ireland catering for over fifty teams from eight years of age to senior both boys and girls.

The club has a magnificent clubrooms and pitches in Sallynoggin over the years has provided Irish  internationals at all levals.

With so many teams over the years it is impossible to put every photo on the site so I have consentrated on the older ones

St Josephs Boys under 14   1954 

Back ;Fr McCabe, M Duffy,  R Cummins, M Banahan ,P Whelan,

Mid,; T Doran, T Corrigan, T Kinsella, B Bell, F Byrne,

Front;; G Lawlor, M Driscoll

St Josephs under 16  team 1957

back ?, ?, ?, ?, D Jenkins, D McCann?,

Front T Carr, A O Dowd ,S McCann, F Byrne? 

 St Josephs u 14 a 1954/55

Back P Whelan, R ev Fr Mc Cabe, Ski McCann, M Banahan, D McCann, G Wildes, R Cummins, J Byrne, T Corrigan, T Dunne,

Fr B Bell,F Byrne, M Quinn, T Kinsella, M Duffy, D Tate

St Josephs under14 1956

Back; C Cosgrave F Gallaher, R Cummins, J Kelly,M Quinn 

Front; M Driscoll,M Harte,  M Duffy G Lawlor, L O Brien,

St Joseph under 14 1958 

 Presentation of jerseys to John Byrne 1959

Back P Morris, J Swan, T Galligan, F Dorman,K Bell, R Sheehy

Under 13 team 1959

Back L Hammond,S Southern,  P Daly, J McCann,T Comiskey, ,S Brennan, S Murphy, T Jennings

Front B Gray, S Cosgrave, B Kelly, D Hammond , A Reyonlds

Back Fr McCabe, S Pearse, F Stubbs, P Egan, J Byrne, T Browne,N Murrey,

 Front T Hill. T Galligan, D Cromie, S Langan, J Swan, J Danahar.

St Josephs First team to compete in schoolboys league, under14 1953 /54

Back ;P Cranny, G Law

Middle;Fr McCabe, J Kavanagh, T Dixon, B Scully,M Lawler ,J Cannon

Front; D Jenkins ,J Duffy,  J Mulvaney S Curley, N Lester, T Harvey

Under 15 1957

Back; Fr McCabe /, T Noctor ,A Dodd, M Clifford, F Gallaher  ,M Costello D Clarke, J Coffey,T Comesky

front; E McDonald, T Byrne,  J McDonald, T Doran, J Banahan, J Kelly

Under 15 B  team 1957/ 58 

back. K Morris, S Smith, S Kenny, E Howard, N Wills, E Turner, K Veasy, Fr McCabe,

Front ;B Kane, L O Brien, N Kells, T Kelly, T Corrigan, P Brett.

St Josephs Under 17 A 1958 

Back ;J Dunne, F Byrne, D McCann, A Geoghan, T Wildes, R Cummins, J Quinlan,

Front; D Clarke, T Doran, T Kinsella, M Duffy, J Byrne

Under 17 A team 1959

Back T Doran, J Kelly, T Noctor, F Gallaher, E Turner, D Clarke,

FrontC Bishop, C Cosgrave,B Kane, J McDonald, M Costello

Under 17 B team 1959

back P Cullen,J Butler, P Brett, L Dowling, T Smyth, L O Brien, M Doran,

P Cannon, P Kelly, N Kells, J Sullivan, S Smyth,  

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