In 1964 the club  decided to enter a senior team in the A U L League  for the first time,  as before that players who had played for St Josephs up to under 18 level  were passed on to other clubs in the area but many wanted to continue playing for the club ,so in order to keep the better players within the club a senior team was formed  after ten years in the A U L  leagues and reaching the Leinster Junior Cup Final in 1974 they moved to the Leinster Senior League  where they had great success  winning the L F A Junior Cup in 1978 and then moved up to intermedate grade in 1981

First Senior Team 1964 

Back D Cameron, J Byrne, ? G Howard,D Burke, P Vance

front J Doonan,J Hobson,B Mulvaney,F Deegan, C Farrelly,J Murphy

1973 team

back; T Tallant, S Banahan, ?, J Broghan, M Gormely,D Taffe, V Corcoran, G Connelly, J Buckley

front; P Corrigan, E Lawless, J Cooney, J Murphy, T McGuirk, D Heffernan, J King 

1976 team

back; J Murphy, B Smith, R Wolfe, M Gormely, E Kelly, A Young, J Dodd, A Mullen,

Front; G Connelly, K Kelly, P Neary, G Forsyth,M Mahon, M Mooney,  

St Joseph Seniors 1977

Back;A Mullan, M Mooney, S Rich, P Finnerty, J Finnerty, P Kerr, G Grundy, J Turner

Mid; J Cooney, L Forsyth, J Dodd, G Forsyth, J King, B Smith, S Brophy, P Keane,

Front; S Walsh,G Connelly, T Carroll, J Doyle, G Owens, W Byrne.

St Joseph Seniors 1977

Back; P Keane, T Kinsella, G Forsyth, J Finnerty, J Brohan, S Brophy, M McDonald, A Mullan.

Front;M Mooney, B Dignam, C Cooney, L Forsyth, B Smith, J Dodd, S Walsh, J King

1980 team Polikoff Cup Winners, Lynch Cup Winners

back ;J King, D Murrey, B Kelly, B Robinson,D Clack, P Kerr, E Kelly, A Mullen,

Front ;M Mooney, D Corr, L Forsyth, B Smith, S Walsh, M McDonald, J Dodd 

 1972 team A U l Div 1 A winners

Back;H Plunkett, J Murphy, P Corrigan, J Brohan, S Brophy, T Bruton, P Whelan, B Mulvany, T Murphy.

Front ;J King, T Doran, J Buckley, G Forsyth, M Gormely, C Reilly, D Heffernan.

 1973 team Leinster Junior Cup R/up

Back ;T Tallant, D HeffernanJ Broghan, M Gormely, D Taffe, V Corcoran, S Banahan, j King

front; G Connelly, E Lawless, T McGuirk, J Murphy, J Cooney, P Corrigan

Bobby Smith being presented with the Leinster Junior Cup 

back  G Owens, B Kelly, J Brohan, J Finnerty, P Keane, S Brophy, J Dodd,

Front B Power, J Cooney, S Walsh, B Dignam, M MCDonald, B Smith.                           Before

1978 team Leinster Junior Cup Winners

Back; P Keane, J Finnerty, J Brohan, J Dodd, B Smith, G Owens, J King, A Mullen.

front;, M Mooney, M McDonald, B Power, S Brophy, S Walsh, B Kelly, J Cooney, B Dignam.    After

1979 team Polikoff Cup Winners

back;A Mullan, S Brophy, G WIldes, L Forsyth ,M Costello, P Kerr, B Robinson, B Kelly, D Murray, D Murrey, J King 

Front ;M Mooney, M McDonald, M Smith, B Smith, N Lyons, J Dodd, D Corr, S Walsh

St Josephs Seniors 1979/80 squad 

Back;E Kelly   L Forsyth, M Smith,M McDonald S Walsh, J Dodd, G Forsyth

Mid; S Bropht, P Kerr, B Robinson, D Murrey, T Clack, B Smith,

Fr; J King B Kelly, D Corr, N Lyons, M Mooney, A Mulln,

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