Seaford F C   Founded in 1971 in Blackrock area  amalgemated with Rock United some years ago to form  Seaford/Rock 

 Seaford Maher Cup winning team 1981

Back; B O Connor, D Banahan, G Powell, V Devlin, J Conway, J Dodd, N McCreery, P Craddock

Front ;R Mulligan, K Murrey, M Smith, S McInerney, P Brennan

Seaford L S L Division 2 B  winners 1987

Back; D Campbell, K Kirby, E Foster, P Caufield, T Finnerty, J Quiney, P Grundy, F Mahoney,

Front; M Smith, P Zambra, T Dignam, ? J Dodd. 

Seaford  Holland  tour 1980

N Mulhall, S McInerney, V English, G Powel , Kavanagh, J McHugh, G Kestell, ?,

Front K Murrey, ?, ?, J Dodd, W Byrne, ?, J Byrne 

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