The oldest of the  great teams to come out of Blackrock, started back in the 1900s in fact one of the first soccer teams in the Boro had many incarnations where many players played for both Rockville and Rock Rovers  first started in 1900 and continued until mid 1920s then other versions emeraged  in 1940 and later  became  Rockville United in the late  1950s

1923 team  included are Roche, Cannon, Hatchell, O Toole, W Beggs, J Beggs, Reilly, Durkin, Byrne, Field, Kane, Tynan

late 1950s team with P Knight, F Purcell, N Hatchell P Slevin, L Slevin C McCormack

 Rockville 1920 included in lineup are Ned Hatchell, Pim, Tynan, Reilly, Burke, Byrne, Anderson, Roche, Hemp ,Field, Casey, Tate, Kelly, Durkin

Rockville 1920

Back ,Farrell, Casey, Swan, Mooney, ?, ?, ?,

Mid, Carton, Fields, ?, ?,

Fr Hatchell, Roche, Hogan,

1940 team winners of Sunday Alliance 1st Div 

included are H Lynn, P Kennedy, Coyle, Carroll, Syl Delaney, Kit Cannon, Mates, C Mulvany, Coyle, Rankin, J Delaney, Byrne, Maher

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