Rock United

another of the great teams from Blackrock started 1980s with Joe Mc Cann, Billy Kane and Tommy Healy, Joe O Connor and with young players from the Blackrock area they won many trophies over five or six years

Back;W Mc Cormack, J McCann. D.Kane, ?, E.Baker, ?, ?, ?, J O Connor, T Healy,

Front; JMcCann., B Kane, P Day,  G Kennier, M .Mahon, J McCann,

back ;S Walsh,C Bell, T McClure,B Martin?, G Grundy, E Baker,  G Keneer, J McCormack

Front ;? B Kane, M Mahon, P Day,P Latchford,P Wallace , D Kane.

Back; S Walsh, P Whelan, G Kennier, ?, D Kane, ?, E Baker

Front ;?, McClure, < M Mahon, G Grundy, B Kane 

back ;P Staplton G Kenier, S Walsh, E Baker,G Grundy, T Healy

Front; C Flynn, D Kane, McClure, B Martin, P Latchford,M Mahon, B Kane, J McCann  

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