Rock Rovers  and Rock Rovers United

Again there have been two or three versions of Rock Rovers early 1920s were they  first started and continued untill 1940 and started as Rock Rovers United in late 1940s

Rock Rovers 1926 

Rock Rovers Team circa 1938 

Back ;H Patton, J Roche, Kenneddy, P Brennan, G Hammond,Kavanagh,  ref B Dwyer.

Front Row Hanley, G Lane Hanilon, Syl Delaney, P Moore, P Roche

1949 team called Rock Rovers United  including Kit Cannon Billy Long 

1938 Leinster Junior  Cup Sunday Section  winning side

 Back ;H P atton, Kennedy , M Cannon,Haydon,  Hammond J Roche

Front ;K Cannon,J  (G Lane) Hanilon,P Moore , Syl Delaney, P Roche

Team circa 1940 


 including N Hatchell, P Slevin, H Kelly,  P Finnerty, H Coll,C Mc Cormack ,T McCormack

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