PEARSE ROVERS                                     

                    Started in Sallynoggin mid 1950s as a schoolboys club after new housing scheme developed

Pearse Rovers Street league team with John(grayer) Lennon 


Back J O Connor,J  Kinch, G Flynn, A Swaine,  H Wynn, J Merrigan,J Doonan, J Lennon

Front C Becton,C Massey, E Lawless, J Hobson, J Massey

Street League team 

Under 15 team 1968

players includ K Kelly, D Byrne, N O Brien, D Taffee L Moran, L Reid 

Tottingham Hotspur an offshoot of Pearse Rovers  many of the players were ex pearse  included are Noel Mooney 

Pearse Rovers senior team circa 1962

Back ;T Tracy, A .Broderick, T Massey, H Byrne, J Byrne, P Byrne, J O Connor.

Front; T Mulligan, B.Thompson, P.Knight, M.Mulligan, J.King, S.Heffernan 

Pearse Rovers under 14 c team 

Under 16 team including Tony Hill

another photo of T Hotspur including Dom Tierney,N. Lyons 

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