Continued until 2009 their biggest claim was finding the young Paul McGrath 

Pearse Rovers Committee in Charity Match

Back ;W Wallace, J O Connor, J Lennon, ?, V Fortune ,P Byrne

Front;C Connor,T Tracy, J Dixon, J King, D Merrigan, A McGuirk 

 Pearse Rovers U 14 1957

Back; J Smith,P Dease, T O Brien, M Driscoll , ?, J Lennon, B Fortune, T Higgins

Front ;P Byrne, M Kane, T Byrne, B Higgins, W Fagan, B Connor

Pearse Rovers 1959/60

Back ;J King, N Kavanagh, ?, ?, D Byrne, B Kinch, P Higgins,, V Fortune  

front; B Wallace, J Kavanagh, B Thompson, /, /, H Byrne  

Pearse Rovers senior team with committee 1960

Back; T Tracy, T Massey,T Higgins B Thompson, D Byrne, P Heffernan,T Whelan B O Connor,K Massey  H Byrne, D Merrigan,A McGuirk

Front ; J Dixon,  M Mulligan, P Knight, N Mulhall, J King, M Hanilon, T Mulligan,  

 Pearse U 13 b team circa 1959/60

back ;D Merrigan, J Knowles, J Kinch A Walsh W Sheridan, N Sheridan, J King.

Front ;J Byrne, D Murphy, N Merrigan,C Massey,S McGuirk ,M Kelly

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