I know this site is about soccer but in looking at the photos below you will soon realise that so many of the players below were soccer players in the early day men played any sport and it was an easy jump from gaelic football to soccer and back also the C B S Eblana teams wher so many became great soccer player and Internationals even before the "BAN"was lifted , example Dun leary Commercial 1921 when ten or more players formed the great Edenville team that year.

Also Glasthule Mitchell s players started the first Edenville team

 DUNLEARY COMMERICIALS  1921 in the final of Dublin Intermedate Championship on Bloody Sunday November 21 1921

Back M Tobin, R Reilly, H O Neill, J Carroll, W Devitt, J Kilkelly, P Moran, (Chairman) M Benson,

Middle, P Keogh, M Hanny, J McNamara, Terry Mulvany, Rob Watters

FrontJ Fox,  W Coffey, Adam Whiston, F McCann.

C B S Eblana 1937 

back B Davenport,T McCormack,

3rd Row T Allan, F Sterry, D O Connor, P Ryan, B Managan, S Cullen, J Timlin, L Byrne, T Brennan, A J Timmons

2nd row A Coyle, J Clack, J O Reilly, B Stokes, N Carr, M Lawlor, D Kelly,

Front N Carroll, J Warren,  J Kearns, P Rochard, W Whelan

Back M O Dowd, I Cliffard, B Kinch, L O Connor,R Cummins, D McCann, D Kavanagh,

Mid M Banahan, J Coffey, T Murphy, J Clarke, P Cranny M White

Front E Lennon, Ski McCann, L Taffie, T Duffy 

C B S Eblana 1953

Back T Carr S Keating, L O Connor E Byrne, A White, W Malone  J Kavanagh,J Kelly A O Dowd,   N Lester

FrontJ McKensie, L O Connor, J O Connor  P Cranny, T Harvey, T Dixon, D Mooney , L McCarthy

C B S Eblana 1952

Back C Waldon, D Kelly, P Walsh, E Hill, L Cameron, B Scully, P Knight L O,Connor,

Mid E Byrne, P Bell, J Comiesky, C Molloy, P Cranny, T Dixon,

Front P Campbell, D Mooney 

C B S Eblana  1959

Back P Cullan,J Dignam, J Smith,  L Dowling T Johnston, B Byrnes

Front J Byrne,P Kelly,D McDonald,  J Vance P Cannon

 Glasthule Mitcheals  circa 1902 players included are

W Brown, M O Reilly, M O Brien, T Sullivan,J O Shea, T Hanny, M Keating, C Matthews, M Brady, C O Shea, P Kelly, E Keating, J Molloy, J Farrell, J Carroll, J O Dwyer, J Moran, J Whiston, P Grendon, G Farrell,

Glasthule Harriers athletics club winners of the National Junior Cross Country Championship in  1903/04 and 1904/05 many of them played both soccer and gaelic football for teams in Glasthule.

Back Rev Lockhart, W O Byrne, P McGovern, J Leidy, A O Hara, J Kevan, D J O Shea, (Hon Sec)

Mid Row John McGovern,J Montgumary, A Kevan, G O Hara, T Hanny,

Front James McGovern, M O Byrne, E O Hara


 Dunleary Daniel O Connells  winner of Dublin County Junior Championship and County league 

Players include J McGovern, M Hanny, M Doran, E Matthews, L O Brien,Con Hanny, Christy Hanny, T McGovern, A O Connor, P Smith ,J Byrne, Mick Doran, T Davis , J O Moran, P White, J Richfield, J O Reilly, T O Sullivan, J Matthews, P Farrell, J Larkin, P Kelly, Barry ,Weafer, Sharkey, Forsyth, Mulligan, Barnes, Barrett, Kennedy, Corish, Donnelly, Cooke, Doyle, Dixon, Talby, Murrey

Dunleary Daniel O Connells,  winners of Dublin County Championship 1910/11

Players include Dan Reilly, J White,J O Moran, Chris Hanny, M Hanny, J Byrne, J Doran, Donigan, Tom McGovern, L O Brien, Con Hanny, A O Connor, P Smith, T Davis, P White, J O Reilly, J Richfield, T O Sullivan, J Matthews, P Farrell.

Another photo of Danial O Connells 

Back W Malone, B Kavanagh,L McCarthy, E Byrne,L O Connor, J O Connor, S Keating

Mid D Mooney, L O Connor, T Dixon, P Cranny, T Harvey, N Lester, TCarr

front J Kelly, S McKense, A White T Murphy

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