Dundela Rovers

Dundela Rovers were founded in 1949 and continued until 1969. They initially began in the Leinster Junior League before being promoted to the 1st Division Leinster Senior League in 1965. 

1959 Team
Back Row: J. Kane, F. Byrne, D. Barnes, M.. Miskella, N Sullivan, M. Hanney, T. Morgan.

Front P Clarke, S Keating, C Hanney

1960 Team
Back Row: J. Mulvany, B. Mc Donald, P. O'Brien.

Front; B Bell, S Keating, P Tallant, S Keating , R Maguire

1964 Team
Back Row: T. Kelly, N. Doyle, G. Howard, F. Mitchell, B. Byrne, B. Barnes.

Front Row: J. Dodd, R. Maguire, T. Dixon, T. Hennessy, N. Mulhall, J. King

1952 Team includes:
Back Row: A. Grendon, L. O'Brien, P. O'Brien, S. Sullivan, B. Barnes, P. Byrne, C. Hanney, P. Fox, P. Byrne.

Front P Grendon,K Hanny, R McGuire, S Byrne, J Kane, T Murphy

1949 Team
Back Row: C. Victory, B. Heaslip, P. Purcell, F. Kavanagh, J. O'Brian, L. Murray.

Front Row: B. Barnes, T. Duffy, L. O'Brien, E. Kestell, G. Martin.

1968 Team
Back Row: B. McLoughlin, J. Merrigan, E. Durning, J. Smith, M. Howard, P. Merrigan.

Front E O Brien, J Vella, D Kane,T Kelly, J Weafer, P Clarke, M Browne,

Supporters G Howard, P Healy, J Vella, B Barnes

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