Dun Leary Celtic .
There have been three different Dunleary Celtic clubs ,one in 1928/29 another from 1932 to 1934 and in  1966 when the football commitee of Workmans Club resigned and formed  a new team and used the name  Dunleary Celtic after  the the teams from the past and this team had much success  winning the F A I Junior Cup in 1975 and 1977 and winning many trophies in the Leinster Senior  League  until they amalgamated with Workmans Club to form Workman/Dunleary in the late 1990s until their demise in 2007

Dun Leary Celtic 1929/30 included are

 J Byrne S Law N Clarke,B Byrne,M Lawlor, N Lennon, N McGowen, P Matthews, T Byrne,K Toner,D Kelly 

 DunLeary Celtic 1968

Back; S Murphy,B Kinch, D Kelly, J Corrigan, J Power, R McIntyre

Front.;G O Malley, N Lester, J Tallon, T Corrigan, N Murrey, T Kelly

 Dun Leary Celtic Leinster Senior League Div 2  winners 1969/70 with trophy

Back J Dodd ,W Byrne, T Corrigan, P Whelan,

Front P Egan, N Murrey, G Downer, J Corrigan, Mr Jack Corrigan

Missing T Kelly , P Savage, G O Malley, J Tallon,

DunLeary Celtic F A I Junior Cup Winners 1975

Back; K Kelly, E Turner, P Gormely, T Heffernan, S Coffey, R McIntyre

Front; B Kane, T Corrigan, N Lyons, D O Connor, J Mahon, M Kelly 

 F A I Junior Cup winners 1977

 Dun Leary Celtic Combined teams 1976/77

Dun Leary Celtic 1933 Sunday Alliance Lge winners

Back ;W Jenkins, P Reddin, , P Sharkey, C Connor, C Brennan, M Lawlor, S Keating, R Dodd,

Middle ;, J O Malley, B Monks, J Reddin, , J Dunne, J Brennan,J Devine.

Front ;C Kendrick, L Kendrick 

 Dunleary Celtic 1972/73 L S L Div 2 league winners

Back; J Corrigan Sr ,E Turner ,M Byrne, E Carolan, N Murrey,

 G  O Connor, A Swaine, J Kenny , W Byrne,

Mid; H Kenny, J Swan, J Dodd, J Corrigan jr, T Corrigan, D O Connor

Fr; C Tallon, B Kinch, P Kavanagh, B Rooney, P Hanlon, T Kelly,

DunLeary Celtic 1974,

 Polikoff Cup R/up ,Bendal Cup Winners

Back; A Swaine, S Coffey, E Turner, J Swan, R McIntyre,, J Corrigan, J Dodd

Front ;K Kelly, J Mahon, D O Connor, E Carolan, T Corrigan,

 DunLeary Celtic F A I Junior Cup Winners 1977

Back.R McIntyre, E Gilroy, K Kelly, E Baker, T Hefferan, C Phillips, J Swan,

Front, J Lawless, B Kane, N Lyons, P Gormely, J Long, P Allen

DunLeary Celtic B Team League winners 1977

Back ;T Corrigan, ?, J J Cowbe, P Sheehy, A Swaine, J Grundy, ?, ?, A Quinn, B Kinch

Front; ?, A Young, W Byrne, ?, ?, J Lawless 

 Dun Leary Celtic 1978

Back E Turner, T Heffernan, S Coffey, P Gormely, N O Brien, E Gilroy, R McIntyre

Front K Kelly, P Whelan, B Kane, N Lyons, P Allan, M Kelly

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