1953 Team:
Back Row: J. Kelly, B. Kavanagh,D McWilliams,  B Byrne,  J. Walsh, P O'Brien.J Keyes, J Moloney,

Front:T.Hammond, L. Cooke, T. Roche, B. O'Reilly.H.Magee

1961 B Team

Back Row: C. Doyle, L. O'Toole, J. Walsh, J. McDonald, F. Warren, L. Cooke.

Front J Dodd ,J Mooney, M Byrne, E Hill, T Hennessy

1962 B Team

Back Row: J. McKeever, P. Carroll, G. English, R. Warren, F. Bolger, M. Byrne.

Front Row: E. Hill, T. Hennessy, F. Warren, J. Dodd, L. Cooke.

Dalkey B Team 1959/60

back K Kelly, M Cunningham, J Walsh, T Walsh, M Byrne,

Front D Pendergast, T Casey, C Reilly, J Maguire, T Hennessy,  

1974 FAI Intermedate Cup Winners

Back Row: P. Wallace, C. Farrelly, F. Byrne L. Byrne, T. Hill, P. Hayde, L. Kendrick.

Front Row: B. Kane, G. Wildes, P. Whelan, M. Dalton, T. Smith, L. Rogers.

Dalkey 56 

Back M Cunningham J Kelly

Front B Reilly, L Cooke, P Maguire, J Maher, r?.


Tony Hennessy Captain and Jimmy Walsh (Hon. Sec) with AUL 3rd Division Trophy

1959   !st  team

Back Row: J. Maher, F. Bolger, B. Martin, D. Kelly, C. Molloy, M. Ledwidge.

Front Row: B. O'Reilly, J. Kelly, K. Smith, H. McCann, A. Homan.

Dalkey 1959/60

back J Walsh, H McCann, V Harris, D Kelly,L Cooke, L O Toole, S Richardson, W Galligan,

Front R Maguire,F Bolger, J Mahe,,K Smith, B Broghan, M Campbell 

1964 B Team
Back Row: T. Brown, F. Bolger, K. Kelly, G. English, T. Glynn, M. Byrne,

Front : T. Hennessy, D. Byrne, G. Lawlor, M. Cunningham, B. O'Reilly.

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