Dalkey Celtic

Founded  in 1957 by Des McWilliams and others ,played firstly in the Wicklow League and then moved to AUL. From there to they graduated to the Leinster Senior League under Tommy Cullen and Johnny Dunne. Celtic continued until 1978  when they amalgamated with Dalkey United.

1960 Team
Back Row: P. Lacy, B. Carter, L. Finnigan, V. Dunphy, R. Mooney, Quirke.

Front Row: J. Lawlor, Ryan, J. King, M. Dunne, Keenan.

1959 Team

Back Row: P. Lacy, L. Finnigan, V.. Dunphy, B Carter, F. Quirke.

Front Row: M. Dunne, Keenan, R. Mooney, J. Lawler, J. King.J Connelly

1960 Team includes:
L. Finnigan, Quirke, V. Dunphy, B. Carter, P. Lacy,

M. Pendergast, J. Lawlor, C. Hill, Ryan, M. Dunne.

 Dalkey Celtic  1974 team reunion

Back ;O,Crilly, F Mulvany, T Butler ,B Kelly, T Gough, V English, E Carolan, B White, L Lewlins.

Front E O Brien, B Long, P Gough, D McWilliams, J Dunne, T Cullen, ? S Cassiddy,?

Dalkey Celtic Wicklow league winners 1957/58

back ;J Myler, B Byrne, P Lacy, F Quirke, V Dunphy,M Dunne, D Smith,N Mullett, J Farrell 

Front;J Mitchell.L Brown, Langan ,R Carter, J Lawlor, M Brien, D McWilliams, B Lynch 

1961 Team
Back Row: G. Manners, J. Byrne, V.. Dunphy, B. Carter, L. Finnigan.

Front Row: F. Lawlor, M. Dunne, J. Lawlor, T. Noctor, Ryan.

1959 Team

Back Row: B.. Carter, L. Finnigan, V. Dunphy, R. Mooney, Quirke.

Front Row: Ryan, J. King, J. Lawlor, M. Dunne, ,Keenan. 

 Dalkey Celtic 1978

back ;T Cullen, C Byrne, G Kenier,  , T Gough,?, F Mulvany, D Kelly, M Wallace,

front ;? , B Long, , E Carolan, S Cassidy, P Lyons, G O Malley

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