Cross Celtic

Cross Celtic were from Cross Avenue and were based in Croke’s Pub on Lower Georges Street. They began in the early 1960’s and continued until the 1980s.

Cross Celtic  64

Back M Whelan, ? D Barnes, J Murphy, J Medley, A O Keefe, Kevin ?

Front W Doyle, P Maguire 

CROSS CELTIC Circa 1965:

Back Row: P. Whelan, M. Duffy, C. Flynn,?, ?,  J. McDonald, A. Geoghan, C. Doyle.

Front Row: M. Duffy, W. Doyle, H. Kelly,?,  T. Kelly.


 Cross Celtic 1965

Back A Kavanagh ? H Kelly, J McDonald, ?, P Whelan, W Doyle, A Geoghan, C Flynn,

Front J Murphy, S Brown, G Byrne, ?, C Doyle, T Whelan

 Cross Celtric 1966

Back J Tallan D Smith, J O Connor, ?, ?, ?,

Front K Dunne, W Byrne,  J Lacy, J Banahan, M Banahan

 Cross Celtic 1966

Back T Kelly ,Tom (Weeney) Murrey,J Byrne, ???,J McDonald, J O Brien, D McCann, J Louth.

Front D Taite, D Cromie, J Coleman, P Mooney, T Galligan, M Mooney.


Back B O Neill, J Dunne, D Murrey, A Forsyth,N Seville, S banahan, K Byrne, J Murrey, P Cannon,

Front R Smith, M Banahan M Davis, J Kirwin, T Kelly, J Kavanagh, J Smith,

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