Carlisle United

Carlisle United was based in the British Rail Carlisle Pier in Dun Laoghaire and won the Thompson Cup for teams in the transport industry in 1952.

1953 Team includes:

L Meede J Ward, T Whelan,  T.Meegan, M Cullen,,J Callahan, W Lesley, , , Knight, Con Hanny, B. Smith,  M. Merrigan, Sweeney, T. Whelan, Barney, Smith, P ( Rattler)Doyle, M McDonald,Ger Kestel.

Front N Cardon, J Dwyer, J Doyle, M Whelan, Fitzsimmons, B Devitt, B Smith


 Carlisle United 1952

Back T Whelan, Smith, M Whelan, C Hanny, N Cardon, S Brown

Front J Dwyer,B Smith ,W Lesley, M Merrigan, B Devitt


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