Blackrock Hospital

The team was based in the Soldiers & Sailors Hospital on Carysfort Avenue in Blackrock which catered for injured soldiers coming back from the Great War.

They entered a team in the AUL League in 1921 and continued until the 1930’s. Teams were made up of Doctors and staff of the hospital and had many fine players who went on to greater things. For example: Vance from Bray, Ellard from DunLeary, Quinn, O’Neill, Frazer, Simpson, Byrne, Cannon, Doc Wheeler, Roving, Kavanagh, Jack Phoenix, Byrne, Hughes, Dempsey, Flynn, Patton, Kinch, Thompson.

 Many of their players played for other Blackrock teams at the same time. They later fielded two teams in the 1920’s and graduated to the Leinster Senior League where they won the Johnston Cup in 1929.


Blackrock Hospital 1924 players included  Roche, Cannon,O Neill, Simpson, Frazer,Masterson, O Reilly, Keogh, Byrne, Hughes, Farrelly,Quinn,  

 Blackrock Hospital 1928

players included Vance, Hanlon, Meaney, O Neill,Williams, Lyons, Thompson, Kelly, Roche, Patton , Connor, Pheonix, Frazer, K Cannon, Wheeler, Kinch, P J Cannon

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