The book Soccer in the Boro' was published in 1990 and was a history of Association Football in the Dun Laoghaire area which is eight miles south of Dublin .

The book also contained over three hundred photos of teams and players from the area many would became Internationals at various levels for Ireland .

 My motivation for this website was that I had collected so many photos  for the book given freely by people who never wanted anything in return and many that never made the publication because of quailty or timeing.

 My idea was to put them on this website and allow people to download  them freely  if their fathers , grandfathers or family members  were in them.

The one thing that I am trying as much as possible is to name as many players in the photos ,I know that with the older photos many of the players and their relatives have passed on but if you think you can recognise any players  please contact us with the name ,year and team

At a later stage I will be updateing the site with news pages ,a page for Peter Farrell and an International  page ,and a page  of action photos from Workmans Club glory days in the 1950s

 I hope you get as much enjoyment on the site as I had compileing the book and looking through the photos . 

CONTACT US if you have any information on teams lines up etc as construction of the site is an ongoing basis so any input will be very welcome  let us know what you think of the site any how to inprove it.


Copies of the book Soccer in the Boro are available from the above address ,all proceeds going to Dun Laogahire charitys ,Goal and Blackrock Hospice.  


This is a photo taken in 1913 in the grounds of Harold Boys school in Glasthule  of one of the most famous teams in the history of the Boro'

WORKMAN'S CLUB Dun Laoghaire 1939.

Winners of the Sunday Allance 1st Division and the first winners of the famous Bradmola Cup

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